Our Beliefs

At Infinity, providing an extensive range of high quality vegetarian foods is what we do and this has been our commitment from the outset.

As a worker's co-operative, we are a business run by, and for, our workers. We practice an equitable form of business that is not solely driven by profit margins.

We believe that it is our responsibility to provide food that is as far as possible, natural and unadulterated, free from GM and hydrogenated fat, organic accredited and sourced from companies with high ethical standards.

As well as trading and building relations with producers and suppliers in developing countries, we are equally as committed to sourcing as much as possible locally. We aim for a fair and just business practice with all of our trading partners, suppliers and producers and in turn, our customers.


We also recycle our own-generated glass, cans, plastic, 'Tetra-pak and cardboard waste. The boxes used to pack Infinity Foods own brand products are, wherever possible, collected from our customers and used time and time again.

Our beliefs do not sit at the peripheries of our business; they are and have been pivotal to our ethos for over 35 years. This is our bottom line and what motivates us both in the here and now and in the long-term.

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