Packaging FAQ

There has been a lot of focus and media attention recently on the use (and misuse) of plastics within the food industry.

In an effort to clarify our stance on the use of such plastics within the Infinity Foods range, here are the questions we are most commonly asked along with our response to them:

Why do you use plastic for your packaging?

Plastic is light, strong and versatile. It is ideally suited to keeping the product fresh and maximising its shelf life, whilst also being durable enough to be securely transported from production facility to end user.

What kind of plastic is it?

Our packing film consists of a laminate of 2 kinds of plastic. There is a layer of Polyethylene (PE), which is the sealing layer. When the bag is formed, this is the layer that bonds together to form a strong, secure bag. The outside layer is Orientated Polypropylene (OPP) – this is the barrier layer that keeps the product fresh.

Is any of your plastic packaging recyclable?

Yes – some of our catering packs (the products that come in labelled clear bags, weighing up to 5kg) are able to be packed into a plastic that is recyclable. Where this is the case, its recyclability is clearly stated on the label.

Why don’t you revert to packing into an alternative material? Paper bags for example.

Paper is only suitable for very dry products and is therefore not a viable option for a vast majority of our range. It is only really suited to operations where the product is packed by hand into a pre formed bag. Due to its relatively poor barrier properties, the shelf life of the product is also vastly compromised.

What are you doing to find an alternative to plastic?

Please click here to read our plastic statement in full

What recycling do you currently do?

Any waste cardboard from our warehouse is currently recycled, along with any used clear plastic pallet wrap and any clear plastic from the bulk products that are used in our packing department.
We also collect our cardboard boxes from customers to reuse or recycle and we collect and recycle all the plastic wrapping that is used on our deliveries.
This currently equates to over 40 tonnes of cardboard and 10 tonnes of plastic in a 12 month period.

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