New Recyclable Packaging

Finally, after many many months of research and trials we are able to unveil our fully recyclable packaging.

It is constructed solely of one kind of plastic, namely BOPE (Biaxially Orientated PolyEthylene) and as such it can be recycled in the same way that you would recycle your supermarket carrier bags.

As it is a relatively new material we are still in the trial stages with regards to what can be effectively packed into it.

Factors such as its barrier qualities (how effective it is at keeping the contents fresh), how dusty the product is, how much moisture the product contains and how dense the product all affect its potential effectiveness as a packaging material.

Thus, you will not find all our products being packed into this new packaging. In fact, to start with it’s quite a limited range but over time you will find more and more of it appearing on the shelves once we are sure it’s a suitable packaging for that given product

Rest assured we will be using it whenever possible.