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Get ready for a sustainable change! The Cheeky Panda's Bamboo Unwrapped Toilet Rolls 48 are about to make your toilet time guilt-free! That’s because these impressive FSC certified rolls are made from fast-growing bamboo, which produces 65.6% fewer carbon emissions than the standard tree-based products. And they don’t just mean good news for the planet - they’re also ultra gentle on your bum. Plus, if it wasn’t already fantastic enough, every 48 pack helps you reduce your Carbon Footprint by 4kg and preventing 72g of single use plastic entering the waste cycle. Looking to make more environmentally friendly choices that don’t mean compromising on comfort? Get cheeky and get stocked up with The Cheeky Panda Bamboo Unwrapped Toilet Rolls 48!

SUPER-SUSTAINABLE – Made from 100% bamboo, The Cheeky Panda’s toilet roll produces 65.5% fewer carbon emissions than standard toilet tissue too!

PLASTIC-FREE – Naked loo rolls packaged simply in a cardboard box

NATURAL & SKIN-FRIENDLY – No chemical nasties, just pure, plant-based natural ingredients and naturally hypoallergenic material

LONG LASTING – Each roll contains 200 sheets
KIND TO ANIMALS – Certified vegan-friendly and cruelty-free

KIND TO THE PLANET – The Cheeky Panda donate part of every pack purchased to help protect the rainforest

BULK PACK - No unnecessary packaging, one box of naked rolls

Brand:  Cheeky Panda
Size:  1x5.8kg
Barcode:  5060561630172

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